Wednesday, 29 February 2012

latest arrival, a sekonda 18 jewel made in the USSR pocket watch.


the Molnija 3602 movement is silver coloured, stamped SU (for Soviet Union) and has the bigger jewels so I'm GUESSING early 70s. apparently there was a date engraved pre '66 or so, but nothing here. they moved to the brass coloured movement and smaller jewels in the last 70s (I think)


Curly scroll work front and back


oh yeah, £11.98 inc post!

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  1. Do you know much about these watches? I have one but the face is different, Sekonda is written between centre right of the dial and Roman numeral 3 with 18 Jewels written underneath, also USSR is ONLY written under Roman numeral 6, no 'Made in' written anywhere ... Full working order. Are they worth anything??